3rd Anniversary! Where has the time gone!

What a busy year (or 2) it’s been for me! I’ll spare you all the details (2 big falls, a few broken bones, 2 big surgeries… and healing!) But, last summer we spent some time in Prince Edward Island again. I met my favourite Chef! I did! Chef Michael Smith!! What a highlight for me! My poor husband was there to make sure I didn’t go all ‘teenage girl’ on him with giddy squeals of delight.

Anyway…. for our 3rd anniversary giveaway, what better thing could I give than a copy of Chef’s latest cookbook “Family Meals”  As soon as we got home from PEI I cracked open this book and started with… yes… brownies!  The most decadent brownies I’ve had!  So yummy!

Family Meals, Chef Michael Smith
Family Meals

Well, now YOU can make those brownies too! Not to mention the host of other amazing yummies in here!  I’ve made several of the recipes and we have been able to sit down, quickly, to a wonderful tasting dinner that certainly doesn’t look like it only took a little bit of time to prepare!  The recipes are so yummy, and full of flavour – and EASY PEASY!!   Well, I have a second copy of this book, autographed by Chef Michael, and ready to give away!

Just leave me comment below and tell me what you like/don’t like about cooking for your family!  Enter through the Rafflecopter link right here:  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!  Happy 3rd Anniversary to us!!

*contest open to residents of Canada & USA only. Sorry!!


Still time to enter!

There’s still time to enter the Nosh With Nash 2nd Anniversary Giveaway!  Win a copy of Chef Michael Smith’s “FAST FLAVOURS” right here!!   Just follow the link below!

Don’t forget, when it says “leave a comment on the blog” it means here, not on facebook!  You can also earn additional entries every day by tweeting about the giveaway – be sure to follow instructions and post the link to your tweet in the right spot!

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Good luck!




Contests, on the road

Nosh with Nash turns 2!!

I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I began this journey!  So hard to believe.  Well, officially it will be 2 years on February 2nd.  Ground Hog Day!  Hmmm, I wonder if I’m supposed to live that day over and over again?  Snap out of it!!

Well, this weekend I’m in Niagara Falls participating in a FAM tour (FAM = familiarization).  I’ve had more ice wine to drink today than I’ve had in the last 2 years! Ice wine, if you are unfamiliar, is like liquid gold!  The grapes are left on the vines after the harvest and protected with netting. When the temperature dips below -10 for a few days/nights consistently then the grapes are harvested by hand, picked lovingly one grape at a time. They are then pressed, again while still frozen, and what results is one precious drop of nectar! This is then turned into the sweetest wine you’ve ever had.  Also the most expensive!  I love it!

Today we participated in the Journey Behind The Falls. This is a lovely thing to do…. in SUMMER!  It was pretty cold! You can imagine how much ice was present, with our current Polar Vortex. Usually you can see the water flowing in front of you, but not today! There was so much ice! I could hear the water, I just couldn’t see it!  The entrance to the tunnels was completely encased in ice.

Following our trip behind the falls we were treated to a spectacular lunch at Elements, operated by the Niagara Parks Commission.  Fabulous!  No other words!

Stunning ice under the Falls
Stunning ice under the Falls


But now that I’ve shared where I am, I’d like to share something else that’s almost as exciting as seeing Niagara Falls FROZEN!  Okay are you ready?  Nosh with Nash is turning 2!   True!  So frozen Niagara Falls aside, I’d like to share a fantastic giveaway with you to celebrate! If you know nothing else about me, you know that I am a huge [massively huge] fan of Chef Michael Smith.

Here’s the deal!  Enter to win a copy of Chef Michael Smith’s cookbook “Fast Flavours” right here!  Simply follow the rules on the Rafflecopter link on our Facebook Page.  The contest is open to residents of Canada and the U.S. only.  One winner will be drawn randomly by Rafflecopter on February 2nd!  Get the word out!  Enter today!!!!


You can enter on our Facebook page, but all comments must be left here on the blog!! just click on “GIVEAWAY”

Good luck!

And happy noshing!


Happy 1st Anniversary!!! Chocolate, cheese, and webname update!

Yes! True say! My blog, Nosh with Nash, is one year old! I need a way to celebrate, don’t I???? How about with some yummy chocolate?

First things first, I purchased my domain name, and so please update your bookmarks, etc. to just  That way you will be sure to keep all the updates coming.  Should be easier to find me now too!  Excited to ratchet things up a notch!!  That’s my blog anniversary gift – to me!

I’m not sure if anyone noticed or not, but a hint was in my last blog post in one of the pictures. Three yummy bags of dark chocolate from Brookside. Yummy? Dark Chocolate? Me? I know… I hate dark chocolate! Let me explain!!

I received a lovely gift from Brookside (Canada) to taste, experience, write about. What better time to test these delightful treats than on Valentine’s Day? So with that beautiful lemon meringue pie that I made, and those gorgeous cupcakes from The Cocoa Cakery, we served up a side of dark chocolate later in the evening.

With Scott as my ‘tester’ we set out to test the three flavours – Dark Chocolate Acai Blueberry, Dark Chocolate Gogi Raspberry, and Dark Chocolate Pomegranate. I knew which flavour was which and so to be ‘scientific’ in our tasting, Scott’s taste test was blind! No, I didn’t blindfold him… hey, this is a family friendly blog! I just fed him the chocolate and asked his opinions.  The chocolates are a sweet taste of fruit surrounded by a covering of dark chocolate.  That burst of fruit taste gives them the sweetness needed to offset the bitterness of the dark chocolate.  Together, these two tastes are tiny little bites of heaven!  One word from this non-dark chocolate lover?  Simple…. the word is YUM! I’m hooked.

By far, his favourite flavour was the Acai Blueberry.  Mine was the Pomegranate. But, to be fair, we loved LOVED loved all three!

Brookside Dark Chocolate
Brookside Dark Chocolate

Next, I tried the chocolate with some aged cheddar from President’s Choice!  2-year-old cheese, white, crumbly and so yummy!


The addition of the white cheddar with the dark chocolate really set the chocolate well and, I think, enhanced the flavour!  Good on its own, amazing with the cheese…and maybe a bit of vino?

chocolate, cheese, and wine...oh my!
chocolate, cheese, and wine…oh my!

We’ve been savouring the chocolate all week.  Doling it out like it was the only “orange” on the Mayflower… giving just enough of a piece to each passenger so nobody gets scurvy, when really you just want to down the whole thing yourself!  Yep, I just compared eating chocolate to avoiding scurvy.  In a good way! I think?   Basically, what I mean is, we’re making it last. It’s so good!  So very good.  Thank you Brookside for providing such a delicious treat to me.

Now the fun part!!!!

Since it’s my blog’s first anniversary, and since Brookside is such an amazing company, how would YOU like to have your own three bags of Dark Chocolate to try?  Yes?  I knew it!  Brookside has graciously offered to provided the same three bags of chocolate to one lucky reader!

Not only that, but how about I throw in your very own block of 2 year old Canadian Cheddar from President’s Choice?

Spread the news to your friends and enter here:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enter now… and check back each day to re-enter and increase your chances!  Spread the love… tell your friends!  Unfortunately though, we cannot ship outside of Canada.

Happy Anniversary!  Thanks for sticking with me for the last year.  Here’s to year 2 and MORE GREAT THINGS YET GO COME!!!!

Disclaimer:  Chocolate provided by Brookside, Cheese provided by me, but opinions all mine, as usual!