New toys! WooHoo!!

I spent the day in Kingston, Ontario yesterday.  If you know anything at all about me, you know hair is an obsession with me!  So, I drove the 3 hours to Kingston, had Lisa at Lulu’s Salon give me a great cut/colour. Spent a small fortune on some new product.  But left there feeling simply gorgeous!  Sigh.  Anyway, after that, I met my son Adam for lunch and spent the afternoon with him before driving 3 hours back home.

So, what does all this have to do with toys?  Simple!  While I was there, I dragged Adam to HomeSense to do some window shopping.  Ha!  As if!! 

I picked up some new cookie cutters, a sifter, a pastry blender, some beautiful silk flowers I couldn’t live without, and a very large mason jar.  I’ll use the jar for storing Quinoa.  The pastry blender is for my daughter-in-law… she doesn’t have one.  🙂  The flowers – just because they are so beautiful, and real looking! The sifter… ah my new sifter.  So excited by the sifter.  Seriously!  I’ve been using a fine mesh strainer to sift, but it’s not very controlled so I tend to make a mess!  Now, after….. more years than I should write down here…. I have my first sifter!  Woohoo! 

AND… the cookie cutters? Well, they were just too adorable to pass up!  Aloha cutters!  Beautiful tropical summer shapes – a palm tree, a sun, pineapple, tropical fish, and a bird.  Can’t wait to make some new cookies and practice my decorating skills… or lack of them!

But today – well today is Scott’s birthday. So in the oven are some lemon cupcakes for him.  I zested some fresh lemon into them and they smell amazing.  Icing them with a lemon butter cream, with fresh lemon zest, again.  My zester… it’s new too!

I love toys!  Especially kitchen toys!

Hope you’re having a great day today!

Happy noshing!

p.s.  Tomorrow (Sunday, May 6th) is “Ladies Night” at our local Canadian Tire.  I’ve already been to the store and scouted out the deals I’ll head for.  Can’t wait!!!  I’ll update later! 🙂