About Me

Busy mild-mannered Research Program Manager by day, renegade foodie by night.

I have a busy ‘day’ job that I love but my true passion lies in the kitchen! I love to cook, to create, to eat.  Oh I do love to eat and that is my downfall.  I love to eat, way too much!  🙂  Mostly, I love to cook for guests.  I love it when my husband and I have company for dinner. For that matter, any time of day!  If you drop by my home, you will be served something homemade.  No matter when you come by!

Nosh with Nash was born from a passion for cooking, learning about cooking, and developing my own way of doing things in the kitchen.  My goal is to share/educate the everyday cook and to inspire to create simple yet elegant food!  Join my on my journey!

What else… hmm…. well, after wanting one for about, oh I don’t know, at least 30 years, I finally have a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer which has revolutionized my cooking, shortened my time, allowed me to multi-task, and just plain put a smile on my face!

UPDATE: December 11, 2012:

I am really excited! On January 7, 2013 I will start (part time) at George Brown College in Toronto in the Culinary Arts program. I will be blogging my experiences and trying not to embarrass myself (too much).

Thanks for sticking with me!

Happy Noshing!!

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