Girl Interrupted, the sequel.

Dear followers,

I must apologize for the delays in posts here lately.  I am working with a super ‘web guy’ who is in the process of redesigning the entire site.  YAY!

But for now, I must take a bit of a hiatus – short one.  I survived the entire winter and on Thursday, first day of spring, I slipped on the only piece of ice on our driveway and fell.  I broke my leg.  Because it was the weigh bearing bone in my lower leg I am not weight bearing for the next several weeks.  Hopefully by then I’ll have a walking cast put on and will be able to get back into the kitchen.

Until then, I apologize to you – for not being able to cook/bake/create anything new for a little bit.

Please don’t  desert me!  Stick around and I guarantee it will be worth it when we’re back up and running!  Ah running – no pun intended, I think!

I will continue to post on our facebook page – great links to great places, ideas, people.  Be sure to follow us!

Who knows, when I get back on board, I think with the new website and a new(er) working leg, we should start with a bang and an awesome giveaway! Who’s in?


Until then,

Happy noshing!

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