Appetizers, Christmas

Quick & Easy (and oh so cute) Party Appetizer!

Did that get your attention?  It should!

This year why not dazzle your guests with a really cute Appetizer for your next party?

Pinecone Cheese Ball
Pinecone Cheese Ball

Here’s all you need:

Your favourite cheese ball recipe – any will do!

Whole almonds

a Sprig of pine or spruce or balsam.

Make your cheese ball and shape it on the plate in a mounded pile, in an oblong/pinecone type shape.

Insert the tips of whole almonds into the ‘cone’ and cover completely.  They shouldn’t be standing up, but just sort of laying across the top with the tips in to hold.

Then, clean off the tip of your greenery, and insert it into the top of the pine cone.

Voila!  A cute pinecone appetizer to serve with crackers.  Trust me, everyone will run home and make one!

Enjoy!  And… of course… Happy Noshing!



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