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High Tea and Conversation

Driving in downtown Toronto can be a challenge.  The traffic patterns are horrible.  But, the Yorkville/Cumberland/Bloor district of Toronto is as trendy and upscale as any trendy area of Los Angeles or New York City. With top named stores such as Louis Vuitton, Holt Renfrew, Cartier, and Tiffany, ‘the’ district is a shopper’s dream!   Today I was treated to High Tea at the Windsor Arms Hotel in this beautiful area of  downtown Toronto.

Tea with friends (I'm at the far left of the pic!)
Tea with friends (I’m at the far left of the pic!)

Our menu consisted of a choice of over 50 loose-leaf teas, fresh scones with fresh preserves and devon (clotted) cream, and of course a beautiful presentation of fresh finger sandwiches of smoked salmon with wasabi sour cream and salmon caviar, cucumber with sun-dried tomato and dill cream cheese, grilled chicken with an apple citrus mayo, and a goat cheese and caramelized shallot tart.  All of these were delicious!  Beyond delicious actually!

Beautiful china teacups!
Beautiful china teacups!

But if you’ve had High Tea before you know there HAS to be more!  So our top layer of the tiered-plate was a beautiful presentation of petits-fours.  Finally we were treated to a beautiful raspberry sorbet with a beautiful Prosecco poured lightly over top.   Really, how can eating such tiny little things make you feel so incredibly full?  Maybe it was the tea!!  Yes, that’s it!  Mine was a white tip oolong that was so delicious! The other girls ordered other teas.  Each of us enjoyed our teas!!

Yummy petits-four made on site at the Windsor Arms
Yummy petits-four made on site at the Windsor Arms

It was a wonderful afternoon.  The conversation was even better!  It was good to spend time to three other lovely friends and catch up!  Life is so busy, times like these, when you can slow down, sip tea, and enjoy each other’s company then quality time takes on a new meaning.  Thank you ladies!

Happy noshing!

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