Girl, Interrupted.

I miss cooking.

I miss my kitchen.

How much longer?

Over 5 weeks ago I fell down a flight of stairs while on a business trip to Holland. Knocked unconscious. Broken arm. Trip to a Dutch Hospital. X-rays. CT Scan. Cast. Ready to go home….

Unfortunately, I required surgery – a plate, 7 screws, 2 pins….and 4 casts later…I’m still not able to do much. In fact I’m typing with two fingers on my left hand. My right (dominant) hand is immobile…and completely useless right now.  I’ve also been recovering from post concussion syndrome. Thus the ‘quiet’ blog of late.

Hope to get the cast off in a few weeks and get back into the kitchen.  Until then, thank you for your patience!

Happy noshing!

Cast change. Don't hurt me!
Cast change. Don’t hurt me!


1 thought on “Girl, Interrupted.”

  1. I’ve been wondering where you are. I think I did see a comment about your broken arm but had no idea it was as bad as it is. Praying you heal well and quickly. Just enjoy the down time and let hubby pamper you. Hugs.


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