Graduation and Chef Michael Smith

I’ve been busy… yes I know, what else is new?  But this time, I really HAVE been busy!

On November 20th I received my BA in English Lit from Queen’s University, Kingston ON.  To say I was excited, well I can’t begin to tell you!  I pretty much bawled through the whole Fall Convocation Ceremony.  Here’s proof:

But better than Convocation – if you can believe that there COULD POSSIBLY be anything better – was the party my amazing husband gave me this past Friday night.  While all you American’s were out shopping the Black Friday Sales, 60 of my closest friends and family joined us to celebrate what I loved to refer to as the “never-ending degree” – never-ending because it took 13 years to get it done.  After a delicious dinner (thank you babe) I shared the steps in my journey, the ups and downs, the difficulties, the distractions, the family joys and other family celebrations along the way including my younger sister receiving her degree in Nursing in 2007 and my daughter graduating from College in 2011 just two months before she was married.  Oh yes, and the weddings… so many, but all so wonderful.   All the joys and sorrows along the road added to my experience and played a big role in who I am today.  The fact that it took 13 years (ok, I did take about 5 years off in the middle there!) is ok.  My husband has always told me that while the destination is important, the JOURNEY is just as important!  Man, what a ride it’s been!

Speaking of my husband….  Scott is an amazing man and I am blessed!  We were married in 2003 and he has been my biggest supporter, encourager, and fan throughout the past 9 1/2 years.  My kids have also been amazingly supportive! All grown and gone from home, I couldn’t have done this without their support either.  But… back to Mr. Wonderful…er, Scott….

After dinner on Friday and after talked about my journey and  I thanked everyone for such love and support over the years, Scott pulled a rabbit out of his hat.  Okay, it wasn’t a REAL rabbit, but it was still a miracle and an amazing gift for me!  If you have read much about me, or who I adore in the world of culinary arts, you would know that I am a HUGE – H*U*G*E – fan of Chef Michael Smith.  Again, for you Americans (or internationals) following along, Chef Michael Smith is THE Canadian Chef!  His home is in PEI and yes, I stalked it this summer!  Quietly.  I didn’t want to be arrested!  🙂  I HAD to eat at the Inn where he had been Chef (Inn at Bay Fortune, PEI) and wasn’t disappointed by the new(er) crew!  I bought cookbooks.  I took pictures.  Really, my husband was probably very embarrassed!  But, meh, I was in Chef Michael’s stomping ground and I was enjoying every moment of it.  We even stopped at Myriad View Distillery and found out that Chef Michael frequents that place too… I didn’t know that before we purchased a small supply (he he he) of Gin!   Okay, back to the rabbit….

Making a very long story much much shorter….  I received a video greeting from Chef Michael that Scott played to me (and our guests) at the dinner on Friday night.  To say I was shocked, surprised, blown away, teary-eyed, beyond happy, excited… um, I’m running out of descriptors…  well, you get the idea!

So, for you I have posted a link to it here from my Facebook Fan Page (be sure you “like” it for more updates!) for you to see.  Chef Michael, thank you!

Happy Noshing!

P.S. I also announced the next stage of my journey – I start at George Brown College in Toronto in January, in the Culinary Arts program.  Yep. Making it official!  My blog will follow that journey in January and what I’m learning.  In the meantime, please continue to visit here and try out the recipes or restaurants that I discuss!  I appreciate each and every one of you!



2 thoughts on “Graduation and Chef Michael Smith”

  1. Congrats Heather!!! You are amazing. So glad we’ve connected here. Will look forward to reading about your new adventure in the new year. Blessings.

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