New Catering Company in town!!

Today I attended a beautiful baby shower that was catered by a brand new company from my home town of Uxbridge, ON.  Culinary Chops Catering served up a delicious cocktail party of such amazing delicacies as deep fried dill pickles – okay don’t judge! They were AMAZING!  These delicious spears were served with a delicious aioli that was packed with a burst of unexpected flavour.  

Other treats included pineapple-salsa cups, a beautiful display of fresh fruit, and my personal favourite from the afternoon – other than the pickles – stuffed mini bell peppers.  Oh my sweet pepper! A savoury blend of rice and just a touch of beef made these little flavour parcels just too good!!  Too many treats to name…. all were scrumptious.

Owner Stephanie-Lyn Robson did an amazing job for her first event!  I wish I took a few pictures of her food… but I didn’t.  Apparently I was way too busy eating it to stop and take pictures of it! 

Well done Stephanie-Lyn.  I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on her! 🙂 

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