on the road

I’m home and getting caught up!

I’m home and back in my kitchen!  So much to catch up on.   Here we go!

First, I have been remiss in filling you in on a wonderful experience I had in Edmonton, Alberta in July.  While there on a business trip as part of the “Edmonton education” our group of meeting planners from across the country was treated to several wonderful experiences. The one that stood out the most to me was dinner at Peas On Earth.  Peas?   Yes!

Peas On Earth is a certified organic farm owned and operated by Eric and Ruby Chen.  Together with their 65 acre organic farm and a 5,000 sq ft greenhouse, Eric and Ruby’s produce can also be found at the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market, the St.Albert Outdoor Farmers’ Market, and the Callingwood Farmers’ Market. Their vision was to produce and promote organic, as they believe that the chemicals used on our foods are linked to incurable diseases such as cancers.

Oh, but the dinner…. yum!  Normally, this type of dinner is served in their farm field – imagine that – what a fresh idea!  But, for our group, the earlier rain (and threat of continued rain) had made a mess of the green space and so we were seated under the front porch.  What followed was a 7-course gourmet meal that can only be described as HEAVEN on earth!  Award winning Chef Blair created a culinary work of art in an unbelievable setting that you really had to see and taste to believe!  Of course, Chef Blair was also not hard to look at!  Good looks and a great chef!  Sizzling combination!

Forgive my iPhone pictures, but that’s all I had on me at the time.  Here are the dinner pictures, and I apologize again that I did not get a picture of the first course!  Gobbled it up without thinking!

When booking a venue for an amazing dinner in a serene “Peas-ful” setting, I highly recommend Peas On Earth.  If you can’t get there for a special dinner, then at least you can pick up their wonderful organic produce at local farmer’s markets in and around Edmonton, or visit their greenhouse store!

Overall, Edmonton Alberta is a fantastic, vibrant city with so much to offer both as a tourist and for meetings & conventions!  It’s not named “Festival City” for nothing!


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