on the road

Breakfast in rural PEI


Our first three nights in PEI were spent at the Hunter House Inn an absolutely delightful B&B along the North Cape trail. Our room was beautiful! Our hosts were wonderful “tour guides” as they pointed us to all the little known but ‘must see’ locations. One of the best parts of doing the B&B circuit (rather than hotels) is the wonderful people you meet! I won’t soon forget Ned, Betsy, or Jane! Delightful breakfast companions. And breakfast? Well one word: Spectacular!

Our first morning, we were treated to a wonderful yogurt parfait – strawberries/yogurt/granola/blueberries/yogurt/more granola and topped with more fresh blueberries and served in glass coffee mugs this was a fresh start to the morning. Next came a quiche that was flavourful and so light. While Diane does most of the cooking, it is Phil who makes the delicious pasty for this fantastic quiche. Served with a broiled tomato with shredded cheese and a few tiny new PEI potatoes with fresh garden chives and a small ramekin of fresh cherries, this breakfast was filling, delicious, and such a treat! It really sustained us through most of the day!

Breakfast on the second morning was just as wonderful! Imagine our delight when we were served Eggs Benedict! I’m not sure how Diane did it, but that Hollandaise sauce was so light I’m almost positive it had no calories – or is that just wishful thinking? Complementing our eggs benne were homemade fresh warm blueberry scones! Can’t rave enough about the scones. If you’ve been reading my blog for long you will know I love scones!

Our final morning we were treated to scrambled eggs so fluffy and light and some wonderful peameal (aka Canadian) bacon, PEI potatoes, those wonderful broiled tomatoes, and a basket of raisin toast.

Diane & Phil are wonderful hosts! I wish I had taken pictures of our breakfasts – I didn’t – so you’ll have to believe me when I say they were exquisitely presented and usually were accompanied by fresh edible flowers (pansies), fresh from the garden mint or chives, all on beautiful dishes. The coffee was great too!

If you are looking for a vacation away from the hype of “Anne of Green Gables” then Hunter House Inn is a fantastic place! Arrive as strangers, leave as family. Tell them I sent you!

Off to our next location.

Happy noshing!

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