Mixed Conference.


So I’m 54.  This week I just finished my requirements, and final “final exam” for my Bachelor degree from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario… all by distance.  In order to get it done while still holding my full time job, I had to put my food blogging aside for a while to get it finished… but I’m done!  Woohoo!  So, what would give me incentive to get going again?  How about this piece of news….  Mixed Conference!!!  Oh yes!  Oh Yes!  OH YES! Should I go? Am I going? Oh yes I am!  I just ran this by Scott, and told him I think it would be good for me to go! His response – it might be good for HIM if I go!  I guess that’s a big Y-E-S!  Location:  Roanoke, Va. Here I come!

And… better  yet (maybe).  I’ve been doing some great eating at some great places!  Blogging about some fantastic places coming up!  Stay tuned.  I’m getting all caught up both in my blogging and in my cooking!

No school means… more cooking!

In the meantime, I just registered for MIXED!  So excited!!!

Stay tuned….

p.s.  Convocation is in November, the week before Mixed!

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