My hubby is away….. so I went shopping!

Yep.  Tends to happen when Scott goes away!  Hope he’s not reading this!

Canadian Tire had a sale on a few things I happened to like!  So, I picked up a KitchenAid salad spinner!  It was on sale for 1/2 price.  I don’t own one… I used to in a past life but it was a cheapo and broke after a few uses.  Anyway, I got one and I’m excited!  There are some salads that you really need to ‘dry’ the greens for, like Caesar salad!  When I pat the leaves dry with paper towels, or whatever, the tendency is to pat too hard and I end up bruising the leaves.  A salad spinner removes excess water and leaves your greens wonderfully prepared (bruise free) for your salads.

I also picked up some KitchenAid mixing bowls, also on sale at the same store.

Colours – RED!  YES!!!!

Sorry, little things excite me!  I love kitchen gadgets most of all!

Scott – if you’re reading this…. I’ll make you a yummy salad and mix up something for you when you get back!  🙂

Until next time,

Happy noshing!


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