Eating Clean!

Apple-Almond Tuna Salad – Delicious and “clean”

Last year I was in a panic over my daughter’s wedding and “the dress” I couldn’t find!  When I did find it, (thank you Nordstrom’s) and ordered it, it was on backorder!  ugh.  When it came – in May – eleven weeks before the wedding, it wouldn’t zip up!  What the…???  I loved the dress and was determined that if I lost about 20 pounds it would fit!  So determined was I, that I wouldn’t eat carbs!  And by carbs I mean bread, potatoes, rice, bananas.  I lost 3 pounds the first week and then nothing the next week.  All that did was make me crave carbs more!

While I lamented to my dear friend Lynne, she told me about a book and a plan of eating – The Eat Clean Diet.  I figured it couldn’t hurt.  And so, I jumped right into it with 9 weeks and 20 pounds to go.  What did I have to lose? It worked!  The weight started to drop off and I wasn’t feeling deprived!  In fact, I was eating 6 times a day!! And, in quantities that kept me completely satisfied. I lost 19.5 lbs in just 9 weeks! The dress zipped up.  And I felt very beautiful!!

My husband and I took the week post-wedding off and went away for a few days to unwind. I fell off the Eat Clean wagon during that time.  I’m back to where I started pre-wedding!  So, now, after posting lots of yummy, but not very eat clean friendly, recipes lately, I decided to share some wonderful treats with you that will (a) keep you satisifed (b) taste delicious and (c) are easy to do!

Here we go!  Today as part of a two week meal plan, I made a yummy Apple-Almond Tuna Salad.

You will need:

3 oz Light tuna packed in water
1/2 c Greek yogurt (I used non-fat)
1/2 cup chopped apple (one small)
2 tbsp almonds chopped (I left them whole… should have warned my husband!)
1/2 tsp chopped parsley

Mix all these together and you can serve it on a bed of lettuce.

This is what you get:

The recipe should be shared between two people – OR, you can have 1/2  now and pack up the other half for your lunch tomorrow!  It’s light, delicious, and very filling!  You won’t need to add any salt/pepper to this.  The sweetness of the apple and the tangy-ness of the yogurt do the trick!

I’m back on track!!!

Enjoy a “CLEAN” lunch!

Until next time,

Happy noshing!

7 thoughts on “Apple-Almond Tuna Salad – Delicious and “clean””

  1. Heather
    New Orleans will kill anyone’s attemp to eat clean! Chip and I start back on the clean monday! Thanks for this recipe will let you know what we think!!!! Keep them coming


    1. You bet! It’s a tough place… the food is SO good! But, I’m pretty focused now and completely ON TRACK for the first time in a long time! More “clean” recipes to come, There may be others, but mostly clean!

      Thanks for the encouragement Lynne, love ya!

  2. This is just great Heather and thank you so much for sharing this (and more to come…yes!) clean eating life style … sooooooo looking forward to getting back on track along with you !! Miss you muchly, Jayne

  3. Thanks Heather I am going to try this recipe because its SIMPLE and i can do simple. thanks! and its clean, which i need!

  4. I made this with chicken instead of tuna, it was really good. I think that cut up green grapes would be nice in it too, instead of apples, just for a change 🙂

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