Jamabalaya, Crawfish Pie, File Gumbo….

Okay, I’m singing here!  Tonight, we’re having Jambalaya!!

This was one of the dishes we made at NOSOC.  It was so delicious. Unlike a traditional Jamabalaya, this one had no seafood (shrimp, etc.) which is expected when teaching a large group of people with unknown food allergies.  The word “Jambalaya” means a dish that combines rice with a variety of ingredients including onion, green peppers and almost any kind of meat, poultry or shrimp. The dish varies from cook to cook.

The picture here is not mine – totally pirated!  But I must say, looks just like mine!


So the recipe I used was the one I was taught at the New Orleans School of Cooking.  It’s a bit complicated, so if you’d like the recipe, I’d be pleased to send it to you.  Just send me a message.  The most time consuming part of this recipe is making a roux. What is a roux, you ask?  A roux combines equal parts of fat (lard, butter, etc) and flour.  Cooking these two together, stirring constantly until your roux is a beautiful dark brown.  Roux’s are used to thicken soups and in this case our jambalaya.  To make a roux take 1/2 cup of lard or butter (I did try this with oil, didn’t work quite as well!), melt the fat and stir in all at once an equal part of flour – 1/2 cup.  stir continually. The mixture will darken as it cooks.  When it’s the colour and consistency you want, you’re done!

I loved the Jambalaya – the flavours are rich and the colour is beautiful.  In the class we used white rice.  I substituted brown rice.

All in all a wonderful dish!  Super filling.  Great on a cold night – or any night.

One word – Yummy!


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